An exceptional laser cavity

Together with the teams of Mercedeh Khajavikhan, Demetri Christodoulides and Patrick LiKamWa we showed how to create topological lasing modes in a laser cavity that steers light around an exceptional point. Congratulations to Alexander Schumer, who spent several months with our partner groups in the US and now serves as the first author of a joint paper in Science.  See also the news highlight in Laser Focus World and the press release from TU Wien.

Triple career success

This year, three of our present and past postdocs in the group have obtained faculty positions in India as well as research positions in Croatia and at the CNRS in France. Congratulations to Himadri, Ivor and Nicolas!

The indestructible light beam

Together with the team of Allard Mosk at Utrecht University, we published a paper in Nature Photonics in which we introduce the concept of “scattering-invariant modes”. These special light waves have the property that they produce the same light pattern in the far-field, irrespective of whether a strongly scattering medium is put in their way or not (see image on the left). Find out more about these indestructible beams of light in the news highlight on Physics World or in the freely available version of the article.